The following 2 Professional Development Workshops are taking place during the August 7th 2017 MN Field Trip & Activity EXPO. This 1-day, free annual event spotlights servicer & destination providers & performers in the areas of education and recreation. Educators and service professionals who attend the 2017 EXPO enjoy the opportunity to earn free clocktime via the 2 following workshops and interviewing the providers and destinations who are exhibiting at the EXPO. Up to 6 hours can be earned with a signed and valid CEU Certificate issued when an attendee exits the EXPO – all at no charge.

Though this event and the workshops are free to attend, we ask that you register to help us make appropriate plans. For more detailed information about the 2017 EXPO and to register, click HERE.

Of course, if you are unable to complete the online registration to attend the EXPO, walk-ins are also always welcome to attend the EXPO.

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10:30 AM – PD Workshop #1 in the Veterans Room
Please sign in for the workshops at the Registration Table when you arrive.

by Greg Olson • Founder, Critters and Company

Critters and Co


Student Centered Classroom Management” is the ultimate management process that will lead to the success of students and teachers.

There are three main areas of focus for this particular 1-hour Classroom Management workshop. They do not stand alone and each is a integral part of the success of the whole. They are:

1. Assessing the following areas of listening skills
– Listen
– Watch
– Observe

2. Creating and instituting boundaries
– Goal: Match expected classroom boundaries with an instructor’s personality and comfort level

3. Assertiveness versus Aggressiveness
– Goal: Preplan strategies when things go wrong. Mapping expectations

The integration of multilevel ability students into the classroom has led to challenges that are greatly increasing the need for educators to be trained in both basic and advanced people management skills.
Though there are many variables that could be considered and skills developed for student-centered classroom management, we are going to address the basics. Issues of lighting, sound, classroom decor, administrative or team support are covered in our upper level workshops.

CEU Clocktime earned: 1 hour (no fee)

About Greg Olson: Greg is vested heavily in the success of at-risk teenagers for over twenty years. Created and oversees a company providing housing and supportive services for special needs adults. But you better know him from as the presenter for Critters & Company. During the last 30 years Greg Olson (aka Critters and Company) has presented programs across MN, WI, SD, ND and IL  purposed to enrich students and staff. Using live animals and storytelling, many of you have been part of the over million audience participants that have had the pleasure of seeing his animals and listening to his stories on “Teasing: Harassment in Disguise“, “Attitudes that Make and Difference“, “Diversity: the Spice of Variety” and the now-closed program “Friends and Choices“. Greg broad base of experience of community hours includes being Chair of Hennepin County’s task force on”Out-of-Home Placement of Children”, member of the Anoka-Hennepin School Board, NW Human Service Advisory Council, and numerous other local and statewide leadership endeavors. Through this broad experience base, Greg has accumulated many stories and skills that he and his wife Diane have shared in workshops for professionals in a variety of educational disciplines, social services and the corporate field.


1:00 pm – PD Workshop #2 in the Veterans Room
Please sign in for the workshops at the Registration Table when you arrive.

Adam Lindquist • Founder, TR Leadership Institute & Teddy Roosevelt Live!

Teddy Roosevelt Live

Leadership drives results and the ability to be an effective leader. Leadership is a skill anyone can develop when they have the right tools. This l-hour workshop is designed to help you discover the best leader within yourself in a fun and educating way, following Theodore Roosevelt’s Core Leadership Principles.

Through the in-person story of Roosevelt, you will learn about these skills and how he implemented them, and be given the tools you need to become an effective and prized leader to your students, professional peers, and employees.

The TR Leadership Principles include:

  1. Leaders are authentic and live their values
  2. How to make big ideas become bigger actions through authenticity
  3. Leaderships are created not born
  4. A team exercise in the definition of a leader versus a boss
  5. Leaders are learners
  6. Learn how to develop learning teams that teach each other and you
  7. Leaders put their team ahead of themselves
  8. Learn the power of: promise, perfect, praise, promote
  9. Leaders want constant feedback
  10. Learn the skill of listening from the heart to dramatically increase results
  11. Leaders maintain open communication to adversaries
  12. Learn how to deflect the negative and keep momentum in the positive
  13. Action, Action, Action and Still more Action
  14. Putting together your action plan with measurable and meaningful leadership

CEU Clocktime earned: 1 hour (no fee)

About Adam Lindquist: For 10 years, Adam has traveled the country portraying Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt presenting Roosevelt’s lessons for positive change.  His work as a leading Theodore Roosevelt living historian has given him the chance to lecture at colleges, present to over 200,000 school children, raise millions for conservation causes and to promote the development of new National Monuments. His executive background in leadership has given him the insights to begin presenting the 7 TR Leadership Principles. He is in demand across the country, providing leadership training keynotes to many professional associations and organizations.