A Missing Piece to the Puzzle of READING MOTIVATION…

Even though it’s only November I already have 9 Reading programs booked for February and March! So now is the time to consider if you would like one of my 3 reading motivation programs for the 2019 year.

Each one of my Reading programs are 45 minutes in length and come complete with a digital promotional file and classroom teacher file! You can pick from one of 3 different magically based educational programs that is entirely self-contained. First, we have “Kids Who Read ‘R’ COOL!” with the themes reading expands your imagination, the more you read the more you know and Kids Who Read “R” COOL! Second, we have “Readers Are Leaders” with the themes SEEK answers (Desire), LEARN from books (Action) and LEAD others (Results). Finally, we have my personal favorite, “Seuss on the LOOSE!” a program about Theodore Geisel and his wonderful books!

These programs are great for Read-A-Thons, Reading Kick-offs, Family Reading events, Read Across America, and Dr. Seuss’ Birthday! To say the least I am very busy during the months of February and March fitting in all the assemblies from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and the Dakotas. So call early and get the exact time and date you want!

Check out “Kids who read ‘R’ COOL” on Channel 12 News HERE