4 ACE PRODUCTIONS | BLUE & GOLD Entertainment from a 25+ year veteran…

Brian Richards has 3 programs to delight your Cub Scout pack!

• The Magic of Scouting

• Be Prepared: To Be AMAZED!

• Cub Scouts: Our Future Leaders…

Each of the programs I share with cub scouts is full of magic, humor and audience participation! But my programs also offer SCOUTING VALUES…for example in The Magic of Scouting the 3 main themes are: Scouting teaches NEW skills and perfects skills we already have, Scouting teaches to be part of a team and how to be a LEADER, and finally the value of lifelong friends!

Each of my Scouting shows is full of fun and entertainment but more importantly I share values!

“What a great way to celebrate a Blue & Gold banquet. Our scouts, families and friends all enjoyed Mr. Richards show. The humor was entertaining the magic was mystifying and the way he incorporated scouting values was a BONUS. We all had a great time!” -Gretal S.t One, Committee Chair Pack #263