4 ACE PRODUCTIONS | Brian Richards NEW program Up In A Puff of Smoke is taking bookings…

My NEW school assembly hits home and it’s something that impacts your school. One of my sons was introduced to vaping by a friend who thought it was “cool”. Well that introduction started my son down a path that was very dark, and still impacts his life today. This experience made me decide to create a program about the dangers of vaping…

My goal was to have this program ready to go by January 1st. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be ready to go until after January 15th. But I wanted to get the word out because many of you voiced an interest, about booking this assembly!

This program is structured in the same way as my other schools assemblies. The program has 3 key points surrounded by interaction, MAGIC, humor and FUN! The 3 main points are as follows:

#1 = VAPING should only be used when trying to quit SMOKING!

#2 = VAPING is not COOL…don’t be FOOLED!

#3 = Your future can go up in a puff of smoke!

As always this assembly will include a digital promotional file, social media file and digital classroom file for teachers as a resource for follow-up in the classroom.

The program is 45 minutes in length and the cost is $425 and includes roundtrip travel of 60 miles from Brooklyn Park, MN. Any locations beyond that range will have additional travel expenses.