4 ACE PRODUCTIONS | New formats to make educational assemblies possible in the post COVID era…

In the past an assembly in the school consisted of hundreds of kids sitting together in the gym, cafeteria or auditorium, in their school. Then COVID made it’s appearance, and many thought that assemblies would go the way of the mimeograph machine!

NOT SO FAST…during challenging times we need to change and adapt, 4 Ace Productions is doing just that! Instead of large 45 minute presentations for all the students in one main area, Brian Richards has been working on multiple 15-20 presentations that can be done in the classroom. The school will pay my full-day rate and I will share the presentation with classroom groups multiple times through out the day!

In this way we can manage social distancing and all the students can benefit from the program.

EDUTAINMENT in a pandemic means changes to my business which makes it possible for a SUCCESSFUL event! Here are the precautions I am taking for all of my programs:

#1 – Have mask will travel.
#2 – Participants in my programs will sit at least 6 feet from performing area!
#3 – To help with social distancing I have a new price structure that allows for multiple shows at a discounted rate!
#4 – If a participant helps in a routine, we have Magic hands sanitizer!

Bottom line if you have me out to your elementary school…I will follow your guidelines for health and safety!