The 2021 LetsDoMN Partner Program

LetsDoMN will be Powered by 3,000,000+ Views, Downloads, Reads, Opens & Clicks

LetsDoMN Direct Advertising weaves together affordable annual programs using guides, websites, and email/social media marketing… into winning combinations for building your business!


Introducing LetsDoMN. . . “What a great idea!”

Two MN companies with successful track records – MN FIELD TRIP LIBRARY & HAVE FUN BIKING – have teamed up in 2020 to now offer combined, impressively productive, and cost-effective direct advertising for communities, attractions, and businesses hit hard by Covid-19.

We’re inviting you to team up with us in 2021. . .

You can now successfully & simultaneously reach both independent consumer & group decision-makers because of our combined marketing programs. We have brought together our printed & digital guides, personalized email & social media marketing, proprietary subscriber lists, and our unique websites to achieve your goals – giving you much more for your advertising investment than ever before!

Just a note for you – the MN Field Trip Library Partner Program is remaining the same as it has been with great additions – and the even better news is that our outreach is growing significantly with our collaboration!

Now, especially with the realistic expectations that the vaccines will be effective, we’re inviting you to get ready for this coming year and team up with us! Read on…

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