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Recently owners Russ Lowthian ( and Mark Peterson (Adventure Partners LLC) have joined their 2 individual programs to offer promotion that is extremely cost effective for suppliers and providers bruised by Covid-19. We are confident that this collaboration will effectively expand the effectiveness of every client’s advertising and make better use of ad budgets for all involved. It’s “co-op advertising PLUS”.

Experience counts. We’ve been in MN tourism, hospitality and education for more than 25 years. As a result we have successfully created a set of proven marketing services that will draw buyers to our Partners.

Adventure Partners LLC  is the corporate umbrella of the MN FIELD TRIP & ACTIVITY LIBRARY & We’ve been bringing together professionl providers, destinations and suppliers with educators, activity providers and tour planners for more than 10 years. We offer a highly productive blend of advertising & promotion to aid you in building your business. has been promoting healthy activities – and specifically biking & hiking – for more than 15 years. HFB’s quarterly guide offers downloadable trail maps for bicyclists and hikers all over the state of MN.

The MN Field Trip & Activity Library is a popular resource for educational and recreational online, onsite and outbound instruction, group activities and travel adventures.

  1. A dynamic website with more than 200,000 annual views.
  2. An proven email marketing program that in 2021 will reach out to more than 1,000,000 subscribers.
  3. A guide (both print and digital) that can be used during your planning… with more than 65,000 reads.
  4. An annual Expo that attracts hundreds of schools, organizations who meet our Partners there, and book them during the year. In 2019 more than 700 planners attended representing small to large groups representing more than 750,000 youth and adults.

Buyers are group or individual planners who include educators, activity coordinators, group leaders (youth & adult organizations), professional tour operators, families, friends and club leaders and members.

In 2021 we are expanding our reach into the consumer market by collaborating marketing efforts with This joint marketing effort between MFTL and HFB is expected to yield a joint response of 1.5 to 2 million views (website), reads (guide), and opens/clicks (emails and social media) under the newly trademarked HEALTHY ADVENTURES brand!

The MN Field Trip & Activity Library has become a trusted resource for MN providers and destinations that educators and group planners now rely on.

Now, our reach is already going significantly deeper into both the group and consumer markets by…
– joining forces and collaborating with HAVE FUN BIKING,
– establishing the trademarked LETSDOMN HEALTHY ADVENTURES brand,
– adding Healthy Adventure itineraries into the Guide’s content (and into the MFTL website), and
– cross-marketing between the MN Field Trip Library, LetsDoMN and Have Fun Biking, 

MNFIELDTRIPLIBRARY.ORG is a dynamic website that has grown to more than 200,000 annual views (2019) by people looking for looking for classes, entertainment, educational performers, field trips, assemblies, and travel destinations.
Group Planners (educators, activity planners and tour/travel planners)
Consumer Planners (families, friends, clubs, and a significantly growing number of individuals with smaller numbers of people in their immediate “bubbles”.

This password-free website has proven to be a valuable resource for planners, containing:

  • Homepage Posts (from our emails)
  • Blog (with Alert posts and itineraries on the homepage and in the website blog)
  • Brochure Rack (for downloadable visitor guides, brochures, flyers and more)
  • Guide (The downloadable, annual publication containing educational and recreational program and leisure travel itineraries)
  • Partner Landing Pages (with contact info, maps, and more)
  • COMING SOON: A new section in our website linking providers to their website listings of online distance learning classes, sessions, performances and programs.

Group and consumer planners discover and view our website as a result of our consistent outreach via email marketing, social media, our guide, and advertising.


In 2019 planners consulted the 2019 printed Guide more than 60,000 times, and the digital Guide more than 5,000+ times averaging 7 minutes per “read”! (per

Over the past 6 years the Guide has become a trusted resource for MN providers and destinations that educators and group planners now rely on. And now, by joining forces with HAVE FUN BIKING, establishing the LetsDoMN HEALTHY ADVENTURES brand, and cross-marketing between the MN Field Trip Library, LetsDoMN and Have Fun Biking, our reach is going significantly deeper into both the group and consumer markets, too!


Keep increasing its use by planners and to connect these group and consumer planners with you – and to be the first place they “GO TO” for ideas. We have created a unique tool to keep you top of mind when they are planning – whether it’s for next weekend or next year!

Now in its 8th year, the annual Guide has proven to be an exceptionally popular directory with educators, group leaders, tour operators, and planners of educational & recreational field trips & activities (all ages). In addition to our distribution of Guides, we also get hundreds of requests from educators and group planners for Guides every year. They will be sent the link to our digital 2020 Guide.

“Our staff LOVES the Guide. We use it at every planning meeting – it gives us so many ideas.”

We upload the digital Guide on our website (with active links) and promote it in our monthly email Alerts, with more than 4,500 views averaging 7 minutes per view in 2019. Due to situation brought on by COVID-19, we expect many more “reads” in 2020.


You will be seen by 1,000’s of educators and group planners every month.

In fact, our 4 Field Trip Email Alerts (Jan/Feb/Mar/April) were opened by loyal and curious planners more than 10,200 times!

During COVID-19 we will begin the Guide’s promotional year by using our proven strategies, including:
• Website Promotion: Webpage at
• Targeted Email Outreach: The 2020 Guide will be promoted to more than 64,000 subscribers every month in our email Alerts (72 Alerts during the year!).
• Social Media Outreach: The 2020 Guide will be promoted in Facebook and Twitter with EVERY Alert that goes out (72 Alerts during the year!).

Minnesota’s BEST providers and destinations are featured in the annual Guide in a directory format… and include educational performers, entertainers, field trip & travel destinations, attractions, and fundraising programs serving the following group markets:
Schools and educators – Elementary/Middle Schools and educators (public/private/charter schools) to grade level planning teams, curriculum developers, community education staff, summer activity planners, PTO/PTA/Booster Club Leaders. Includes 300+ homeschool co-ops.
Youth groups & organizations – Park & Recreation Departments, Afterschool & Child Care Programs, Churches and Youth Organizations (YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs, 4-H, etc)
Active adult and boomer groups – Active Adult & Senior Group Leaders – retirement organizations & groups, senior centers, adult care facilities, etc
Group travel – Qualified Tour Operators & Planners, Bank Club Directors, Travel Clubs… in MN, the immediate region (states around MN), and national.

This Guide is designed to take to meetings and for planning. It is available digitally and in print.

New in 2021 will be travel itineraries for consumers and professional tour operators.

The Alerts make the Library especially unique.

Instead of waiting for buyers to find you on the website or in the Guide, we use email to reach out to thousands of potential buyers – and to introduce you to them. This is how we’ve had such exponential growth in subscriber numbers over the past 10 years.  We’ve gathered subscribers in a variety of ways, including by exhibiting at hundreds of professional events over the past 10 years,

There is a monthly email Alert for unique consumer and group markets, with subscribers now numbering about 98,000:

  1. Field Trip Alert (youth recreation)16,000
  2. Active Boomers (active adults & seniors)5,000
  3. Student Experiences (schools, educators, homeschool co-ops)14,500
  4. MN Group Travel & Tours (tour operators, bank clubs, travel clubs & group leaders – national, regional, MN)5,700
  5. Fundraising Opportunities (i.e., PTA/PTO, booster clubs, sports teams, youth organizations, non-profit organizations, etc) – 17.000
  6. LetsDoMN Healthy Adventures (a consumer-based email for families, friends and even employee clubs) 40,000