ALLIED FOLK | Next generation equity and inclusion for kids!

Allied Folk is a trusted partner for transformative action. From communication tools, trainings, programming and more, we have the resources to support kids in their journey to becoming equitable and inclusive. We teach how to navigate differences and build skills in allyship and advocacy.

Allied Folk teaches our next generation the nuances of equity and inclusion during crucial formative years. We offer interactive activities that build social skills and promote empathy and compassion. Services for kids of all ages, groups of all sizes, in person and virtually. At Allied Folk we believe in a tomorrow where differences are inherently recognized and honored. We create experiences that activate the hearts and minds of youth, securing a sense of belonging one kid at a time.

From engaging games and team building to facilitated discussion activities, we have the resources and expertise to support kids in their journey to becoming equitable and inclusive. We help youth of all ages explore concepts like bias to remove barriers and build communities that value everyone. With experience in curriculum planning, training facilitation, positive behavior support programming, community services, strategic planning, and organizational inclusion consulting, we are confident we will exceed your expectations and deliver fun!

Allied Folk will be participating in the 2020 MN Virtual Field Trip & Activity EXPO on Friday September 18th 10:30am-11:00am! A live virtual demonstration of our “Ally Adventure” program for kids. Come to our workshop to get an inside look at how we deliver engaging activities for youth development.