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Not a Partner in the Library yet?  You can still take advantage of our very unique group promotion services and reach out to educators, group leaders and tour planners in all 5 group markets. Our services are available both to Partners (at no extra charge in the Partner Program) and also on an ala carte basis for organizations not yet Partners.

If you want to take advantage of 2 or more of our 5 services (for example, the Guide and the EXPO),  you can purchase multiples at a bundled rate. Even though you get more for your money with our Partner Program, bundled rates are more cost-effective than purchasing one service at a time. See the following descriptions, one-at-a-time pricing, and bundled rates…

The annual MN Field Trip & Activity Guide is a preferred, unique planning resource for educators, group leaders (youth and adult) and tour planners. Each June 12,500 full color Guides are printed and distributed. Our unique distribution places each Guide directly into the hands of select educators, activity coordinators and tour planners in schools, youth groups, adult groups, tour operators and travel clubs. Also published online, with thousands of digital “reads”. The Guide is especially popular for grade level planning teams in elementary & middle schools, and scout leader planning round tables.
Standard ala carte price for 1/2 page ad: $695

The MN Field Trip & Activity EXPO is a very popular, one-stop-shopping vendor show attended by well-qualified decision-makers who are on the hunt for activities and ideas. Held every August, more than 600 educators, group leaders, tour planners and event planners come to talk in person with more than 175 exhibitors who provide professional programs, entertainment and services for all types of groups – education, group travel and even corporate event planning. Now in our 9th year and the only event of its kind. Includes the confidential attendee list.
Standard ala carte price to exhibit: $395

Our January vendor show (now in its 3rd year averaging 90-100 exhibitors) is very popular with group planners who are preparing for spring, summer and fall field trips, performances, entertainment and camps. In 2019 more than 200 planners attended, include youth & adult program coordinators from MN City Park & Recreation Departments, Community Educators, Afterschool Programs, Churches, Scouts and more… planning for 3,000+ field trips and special events from spring through fall.
Standard ala carte price: $395

Our email marketing programs consistently reach out to more than 45,000 subscribers (representing more than 5 million group members) in 5 unique group markets every month. We work hard to keep our subscriber lists growing, personable, and focused on YOU. In response to this, in 2018 subscribers displayed their interest and loyalty by opening our Alerts more than 78,000 times (22% rate) and clicked for more group information 11,500 times (16% rate). We offer 2 types of Alerts:
–  Co-op Alerts – with 15-20 announcements in each Alert, your message definitely gets more “read time” by planners than standard emails. Often subscribers even will read a bit, then set aside to read later one or more times – even up to 1-2 months later! In 2018 we sent out 60 Co-op Alerts containing more than 1,100 announcements.
Standard ala carte price: $150 per Alert (one announcement)
–  Exclusive Alerts – Yours is the only announcement in this specialty email, and can go to any one of our 5 group markets.
Standard ala carte price: $395 per Exclusive Alert (one announcement).


From the above services we have created 5 unique Ala Carte Bundles:

GUIDE & EXPO:  $995   (standard price: $1090)

GUIDE & Summer Resource Fair:  $995   (standard price: $1090)

EXPO & Summer Resource Fair:  $745   (standard price: $790)

GUIDE, EXPO & Summer Resource Fair: $1295   (standard price: $1485)

ALERT BUNDLE 4 co-op Alerts & 2 Exclusive Alerts:  $1195  (standard price: $1390)

At a certain point, the Partner Program may become your best option, and provide you with more outreach at much better pricing. We are always available to discuss your questions. Thank you!

MN Field Trip & Activity Library
8014 Highway 55 #130
Minneapolis, MN  55427
– Mark Peterson, President • 612-518-8353 • [email protected]
– Doug Lyon, Partner Development • 312-771-5355 • [email protected]


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