New Ceramics Painting at Cheers Pablo!

We are excited to announce the addition of ceramics painting to our collection of exciting experiences! With dozens of projects and paints to choose from the possibilities are endless and affordable! Only available at our Hudson, WI location.

Painting ceramics is a great way to create meaningful projects sure to be remembered for years to come. You start by picking the project and paint of your choice, then bringing it to life! Though it may not look like much at first, the real magic has yet to happen: firing it in the kiln! After this process your ceramics piece is officially complete and one of a kind. A project like none other!

Whether it is work, family, or friends, your family is our family! Take the opportunity to celebrate in a fun, unique and educational way with Cheers Pablo. All ages friendly!

Cheers Pablo offers a variety of ways for a group of any size to have a unique experience, sure to wow you and your friends. To schedule an event, call a studio near you, or email us when you are ready to explore ideas for your own Cheers Pablo experience. We host many private events at our studios, at venues around town, or at a location of your choice.