It’s YOUR Choice- Painter’s Choice!

It’s YOUR choice! We have over 500 fun paintings to choose from, all you have to do it pick one! Come on in for a scheduled Painter’s Choice class and we will teach you and everyone in your group how to paint the paintings of your choice.

A big struggle when planning an event for a group is finding something that everyone will enjoy. At Cheers Pablo we are countering that by now introducing a class that everyone can enjoy! The class is called Painters Choice, and the wonderful thing about it is that every person can pick any painting they want from our gallery of well over 500 paintings. One of our talented instructors will guide each individual through their painting, and help them bring their masterpiece to life! We are also offering 25% off your painting experience when you use code CHEERSMC0419 at checkout (offer on main classes (even Painter’s Choice!) not good on private, 9×12, or real wood classes).