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As of January 24, 2019, Greg Olson is on a temporary sabbatical as he undergoes treatment for cancer. Your thoughts, and especially your prayer – will be greatly appreciated by Greg and Diane.

Wildlife Shows… With a Purpose
Since the 1980’s, Critters and Company has presented to more than 750,000 individuals in schools, businesses, communities and churches. Greg Olson uses a medium of live animals and storytelling, advocating that each individual has the potential for building a better life – hence a better world. Students will see and hear important concepts in character development as these concepts relate to a variety of animals – all applying to life experiences and supporting MN education standards.

Violence Prevention and Character Development Programs for Schools & Youth Groups

– Teasing: “Harassment in Disguise”

          • Anti-Bullying
          • Builds empathy and compassion
          • Preventative skills
          • Redirects behavior
          • “Sorry is Good, Change is Better”

– Attitudes that Make a Difference

          • Positive choices for success
          • Responsible decision-making
          • Tackling problems in small pieces

– Diversity: the Spice of Variety

          • Celebrating the differences
          • Making choices about our behavior
          • Overcoming our fears
          • Power of discrimination

– Owning our Relationships: “Friends & Choices”

          • Respecting personal space
          • Early choices
          • Safe space
          • The qualities of a good friend

And now available through Critters & Company
Teacher workshops & staff inservice for your organization’s professionals

          • “Classroom Management: Preventing Bullying Before it Happens”
          • “When Bad Things Happen, Keep it Simple”
          • Anti-Harassment
          • Customer Service
          • Successful Attitudes

Greg’s memorable workshops for your Senior High students or inservice workshops for your staff will include our complimentary skill developing exercises.

Best of all, it’s Fun! With Positive Results.

What they’re saying…

“We have invited Mr. Olson to share the message of respect and responsibility with our staff and students for many years. Our students have learned important messages in character development from Critters and Company, all while they are entertained and motivated by the beautiful creatures that Mr. Olson brings into our school.”            • Cary Chesner

“Students are able to see these issues in a way they understand – through their love for animals. Critters & Company’s programs support the important social topics that our students come up against in everyday life.”            • Patrick Murray

“The number of discipline referrals for misbehavior has decreased since Critters & Company has presented at our school. Students have been very receptive to these positive messages.”            • Rob Nudell

“In a quiet, caring delivery, they are able to create scenarios for children that are easily understood and relevant to life at school, home and their neighborhoods.”            • Judy Davis

“We would highly encourage any school district looking for a quality program to consider Critters & Company.”        • Isanti Intermediate

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