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Each of our co-op ALERTS is filled with great ideas and options for your groups (15-20 per issue)! They are each emailed once per month, free of charge, with no obligation. Subscribe to receive from one to all 5 types. Your information is secure, will never be sold, and you have the option to unsubscribe at any time. In certain filtering environments (school or corporate), you may need to white list our once-a-month Alerts for your inbox (check your junk folder if you arriving as you’d expect).



For youth recreational planners and group leaders who plan field trips, activities, assemblies, festivals, parties, camps, performances and fundraising. Popular with libraries, park & recreation departments, community educators, summer & afterschool programs, schools, homeschoolers, and youth organizations like scouts (boy/girl), church, 4-H, and more).


For active adult and senior group leaders and activity professionals who coordinate on-site and local off-site activities. These include day trips, area travel, performers, entertainers, hands-on classes all offering a wide range of activity challenges. Popular with organizations like retired employees, church groups, independent living community groups, senior centers, adult daycare and more.


Designed for schools and education. You’ll find Providers of experiential learning for K-12 standards-based curriculum. Includes onsite (in-school) and offsite field trips, programs, educational performers, classes, camps, fundraising and more. Additionally you will find announcements for social and recreational activity needs (prom, graduation, festivals, etc). For educators in public, private & charter schools, homeschool co-ops & families.


For planners motorcoach tours/group travel. Excellent for tour operators, bank clubs, receptive operators, charter operators, travel agents, travel clubs and group leaders in Minnesota, the immediate region and the domestic United States. These announcements provide unique and timely ideas for creating itineraries & tours involving destinations and events in Minnesota.


– For event & meeting planners looking for venues, event services and company activities. Serving planning needs of independent planners and staff planners in the corporate, government, association and non-profit areas.
For HR benefits staff, employee clubs & employees – Announcements include activities, special offers, discounts, and ticket programs for companies, employee groups, plus individual employees and families of employees.

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