Spider at pine grove zoo

Pine Grove Zoo

Perfect for schools, our presentations offer fun, interactive ways for you and your students to learn about the amazing world of animals… at YOUR location! During the program, your students will meet from 2-4 of the Zoo’s live education animals, touch animal artifacts (feathers, fur, and skulls), and explore their unique habits and environments.

Wilderness Inquiry in canoe

Wilderness Inquiry

Get your students excited about the outdoors. Sign up to have your class on the water in our 24-foot Voyageur canoes–or learn on land in any number of disciplines. Get history lessons on native peoples, fur traders, and European settlers. Take a deep dive into the human impact on water systems while learning about local plant and animal life. Let us teach your students more about how the geology of an area affects human development. The possibilities for outdoor learning are endless.

Our Canoemobile brings outdoor learning to you. We provide all of the safety equipment you need for a day outdoors. Paddle trips take place in our large, beautiful, cedar strip canoes. Plan for a day on the water or set up a short canoe trip with time for learning on land. We can handle groups of up to 100 for canoeing day trips and groups of 100 or more for land-based learning activities that include a short canoe trip.

Students will come away from our outdoor activities with lessons they will long remember. They can explore their local waterways by canoeing. They can play a fur trading game to learn about how early settlers affected the region. They can fish or go seine netting to get a lesson on the health of their local waterway. They can go orienteering to learn navigation skills. They can go on a nature hike to learn to about native plants and animals.

Students always say that Canoemobile is their favorite field trip of the year. Lessons engage youth to improve school performance, develop a stewardship ethic, and become aware of a pathway to pursue educational and career opportunities in the outdoors. We’ve worked with schools of all sizes to educate more than one hundred thousand students with this program. Sign up now to make outdoor learning work for your students!

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Wolf Videoconferencing

International Wolf Center

Schedule now for Wolf Awareness Week, October 16th-20th. We offer six WolfLink Videoconferencing programs: Arctic Wolves, Wolf Pup 101, Wolf 101, Wolf Research, Wolf Tales and Wolf Ecology. A Wolf Discovery Kit can be added to your program for an additional fee.

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Orbit earth students in class

Orbit Earth Expo

Orb, as we affectionately address our 14′ teaching model of the earth, is enjoying a fantastic new school year in Minnesota! Be one of the schools to host Orbit Earth Expo this year and astound students and teachers with the answers to the mysteries of our solar system, and how they relate to earth!

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air maxx kids

Airmaxx Trampoline Park & Fun Center

If you’re looking for a FUN, UNIQUE, and MEMORABLE experience for your Group or Organization, AirMaxx Trampoline Park & Fun Center is the place to be! All group events are available to non or not for profit groups of fifteen up to two hundred plus. All rates are custom depending on the attraction mix, time of the event, and/or other considerations. You won’t find anywhere else offering great trampoline, laser tag, golf, mini bowling, and arcade events along with great pricing anywhere else.

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Brian Richards Bulldoze the bully

4 Ace Productions

So this year I decided to “walk the talk” and put together a FREE report on creating a “Bully FREE Climate for 2017-18”. To get your report click the link below

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4 Ace Productions spookey tales

4 Ace Productions

The program is called Dark & Grim Tales: spooky stories illustrated with creepy magic! The cost is $195.00 if you are within 60 miles of the Twin Cities. If you are beyond that reach travel charges will apply.

October is my busiest month of the year and as of this moment I already have 36 programs booked. The calendar is limited but there are a few spots left, so don’t miss out!

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Plymouth playhouse eat like a lutheran show

Plymouth Playhouse

All roads lead to hotdish as a trio of wacky gals go on tour to promote their new cookbook and “lifestyle guide.” It’s music, comedy and looney home-cooked fun (along with a little help from the audience). From their kitchen to yours, you too can “Eat like a Lutheran” and share in this hilarious good time!


Group rates start at 10 tickets.

Catering options available + Free Parking.

Contact Dorian at Group Sales

Email to:


Or call: 763-383-1073

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Man in front of hot spring

Wilderness Inquiry

Wilderness Inquiry offers guided trips all over the world, from day trips canoeing the Mississippi River in Minnesota to 9-day safari and service trips in Kenya. No matter your skill level or age, we’ll help you have the best outdoor adventure possible. We have decades of experience guiding seniors on all of our trips, so you can be comfortable placing your vacation in our hands.

If you’re looking to stay close to home in Minnesota we have a variety of options. Sign up for one of our Mississippi River day trips and help paddle one of our stable, but fast, 24-foot Voyageur canoes. Book a 4-day expedition to the Boundary Waters and paddle one of our lightweight Kevlar canoes by day and crash in a comfortable lodge by night. Register for our 3-day adventure exploring the Superior Hiking Trail and spend your nights in a cozy lodge.

Want to go on a trip a little more afar? Sign up for our Apostle Islands Lodge-Based Kayak Adventure and paddle by day and spend your nights in a Bayfield cottage. Register for our Hawaii Hike and Explore and trek through rainforests and over lava fields by day and spend your nights at comfortable local lodges. Book our Olympic National Park Hike and Explore and trek over scenic beaches and past tidal pools by day while spending nights in the fabulous Lake Crescent Lodge.

If an international trip is what you crave, we offer specialty trips all over the world. Check “The Big Five” off your bucket list by going on our Tanzania Safari Adventure. Take our Iceland Hike and Explore trip and ramble around geysers and through old lava tubes before trekking the beautiful coastline. Sign up for our Belize and Tikal trip and experience some of Central America’s best beaches and ruins.

If none of the above trips strike your fancy, visit our Web site to see all that we have to offer. Or call us and we can help you plan a unique group trip. We’d love to guide you on your next adventure, wherever it may be.

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High Touch High Tech guy teaching seniors

High Touch High Tech of the Twin Cities

High Touch High Tech of the Twin Cities offers Senior Adult programs that are designed to provide fun, interactive activities for older adults who are looking to make their retirement days more rewarding. Our workshops provide a fresh approach to activities for Senior Centers, Nursing Homes, Active Senior Communities, and Retirement Villages.
High Touch High Tech workshops offer a hands-on experience and create a social outlet to help seniors bring out their personality and energy. We come to you and through our interactive learning approach; seniors are given the opportunity to interact with their peers, share memories, and be reminded of a more youthful time in their life. The Senior Adult Science programs we offer are perfect for nursing home activities or community centers in a group setting. We use materials that are safe and appropriate for senior citizens of all abilities.
High Touch High Tech programs are centered on both the individual & group experience! Our programs are small enough to provide good socialization with others and individual attention from our scientists. We work with activity directors and their staff to develop specialized programs that are fun, educational, low cost, and tailored to fit their specific needs.

Some topics include the following :
Chemical Reactions©
Roll up your sleeves as we make really fun, entertaining, and safe chemical reactions. Watch colors separate right before your very eyes! Make your very own space mud ball to keep!.

I Need My SPACE©
Explore the universe, the solar system and our planets. Touch a nebula! Discover how old you are on other planets!.

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gangsters in historical experiences

Historical Experiences, Inc.

In 1920, Minnesotans, along with the rest of the country, were plunged into what many called “The Great Experiment.” PROHIBITION. The manufacture, sale and transportation of alcohol was outlawed by the Volstead Act. Parents became bootleggers, kids smuggled illegal alcohol, and outlaws became celebrities. When Congress passed the Eighteenth Amendment, supporters believed it would create a better, stronger nation. Instead it began an era of lawlessness, when famous gangsters like Al Capone rose to fame. After an agreement between bootlegging gangsters and the police, St. Paul became a “gangster haven.” As gangsters grabbed the headlines, everyday Minnesotans quietly set up their own stills and speakeasies, producing the, what many considered, the best corn liquor in the nation. Many Minnesotans were busted and went to jail, some at Leavenworth Penitentiary in Kansas. Why take the risk? When WWI ended many farmers found themselves in danger of losing their farms. Producing moonshine for sale was one way to avoid foreclosure. Desperate situations call for desperate acts. Meet the drys, wets, gangsters, flappers, lawmen and suffragists of America’s most colorful, complex constitutional hiccup in Minnesota’s Wild and Woolly Prohibition Days.

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base camp experiences

Explore Base Camp

A camp in the city! Come to Base Camp for a one-of-a-kind interactive experience in a unique urban setting. Located in Fort Snelling, Minnesota, we offer year-round opportunities for team building, rock climbing, rope courses, and archery. Base Camp is open to everyone in the community! You can have fun at Base Camp in the following ways:

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