FLYOVER AMERICA | Take your group outing to the Hawaiian Islands!

Get ready for the trip of a lifetime — Fly Hawaii is now showing at FlyOver America! Your group of 15 or more can enjoy a tropical getaway at a discounted rate.

You’ll glide along the shores of Maui, gaze into volcanic craters on the Big Island and soar above the famous Napali Coast in Kauai. By the time your flight lands, you’ll be in awe of all Hawaii has to offer.

FlyOver America is a fantastic venue for groups of many different sizes. Those bringing 15 or more guests receive a discounted rate when booked in advance. Groups will be booked in 30 minute increments and may arrive at any time within their time slot. Reservations must be made with a group sales representative. Call 952-853-6000 to book today!