HISTORICAL EXPERIENCES | Civil War Comes to Your School! Interactive History at its best!

Make history exciting for your students by getting them actively involved in their learning. As students role play the key causes of the war and what it was like to be a soldier in the war, they learn by doing. Bring MINNESOTA IN THE CIVIL WAR to your school!

Hardly had the 32rd star been sewn to the American Flag, when Minnesotans were called upon to fight in two civil wars; one against our rebellious brothers to the South and two against the Dakota people trying to reclaim their lands after years of abuse and broken promises. After Southerners fired on Fort Sumter, President Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers for 90 days to put down the rebellion in the South. Even before he put out the call for troops, Minnesota had already offered an infantry regiment of 1000 men to the President. They would be called the First Minnesota Infantry Regiment and they would fight in every major battle in the Eastern Theater of the Civil War with their service culminating in the heroic charge that saved the day at Gettysburg. Arn Kind will come to your school clad in the uniform of a member of the First Minnesota and teach your kids, through interactive experiences what it was like to be a soldier in the Civil War. Go to historicalexperiences.org to schedule your half or full-day presentation today!