A-Hoy There Mates! Pirates are sailing your way!

This is the field trip that comes to you. Your students will lean all about the Golden Age of Piracy and what motivated sailors to turn to piracy. Students will learn the science of navigation at sea and the politics that governed the pirate crew.

PIRATES: PREDATORS OF THE SEAS will bring you back to the Golden Age of Piracy where you will learn what life was like on board a pirate ship. You will learn about PRIVATEERING, which was legalized piracy during war. What were the benefits and what were the hazards of being a pirate? The rewards could be great, but the penalties even greater. If caught, pirates were hanged and their bodies displayed on the gibbet. This presentation will also educate you on what the daily duties and routines of sailors were, while at sea. How did pirate captains navigate at sea? How did they chose their prey? Which ships did the attack and which ships did they have the good sense to leave alone. How did they attack and capture other ships. Muskets, pistols, cutlasses, grenades, stink-bombs and grappling hooks were just some to the tools-of-the-trade that Pirates used to conquer their prey. Get your students actively involved in their learning with this exciting interactive living-history presentation. Call today (507-381-0898) to schedule PIRATES: PREDATORS OF THE SEAS at your school or go to historicalexperiences.org to arrange your students’ adventure at sea!