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I Know My Way LLC

On-Site and Off-Site Orienteering Programs for Schools, After-School and Day-Camp Programs  & Youth Groups throughout MN & Western WI

Orienteering is the high performance sport that involves fast running and quickly thinking to pick the best route while navigating on highly detailed maps. Practicing this sport of fast paced map and compass navigation, whether in the forest, park or city, teaches us so much more than just how to get from where we are to where we want to go. It trains the same part of the brain that acts as “the little GPS in our head”, storing landmarks and spatial relationships between them, the part that is used for solving word problems as well as engineering problems that require our spatial working memory. Practicing orienteering we learn how to make decisions, solve problems, trust our own knowledge. The power of these skills and the confidence we gain are useful in all areas of our life. And having fun, outdoor exercise and the appreciation of nature are a welcome bonus.
Anyone can learn to enjoy reading maps, together with others or on their own, whether you are 5 or 95. Maps are the true magic in a treasure hunt. Learn from us and say with confidence “I know my way!”.

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I Know My Way LLC

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