Are you ready for a summer of FUN?

Our reptile show is the perfect activity for social distanced events.

Learning is better with laughter – our show gets kids excited to learn about reptiles! Snakes, lizards, turtles and even frogs . . . who knows what we’ll bring out next!

You might be wondering what kind of activities will even work for events this summer. Well, the answer is shows, more specifically our show – Reptile Viking!

Even with social distancing, everyone will have fun! When we bring out each animal, we’ll be able to get close enough for everyone to see how amazing these reptiles and amphibians are. Thanks to our sound system, everyone will be able to hear us too!

Having been stuck inside for so long this year, it’s a great opportunity for kids to get up close with some animals that they don’t see very often, or maybe ever.

It’s easy for people to be afraid of the unknown, and sadly with reptiles this fear can be passed down for generations.

During our show we try to get people more comfortable with these animals by just explaining why they do the things they do, and that they are not out to get us. We do this in a fun, and funny way that gets the kids laughing and having a blast.

There are lots of animal programs out there, and they all have one great thing – the animals.

Where things get rocky with kids is when the presenters unleash an unending stream of facts. This makes some kids check out and distract everyone else.

We keep the kids engaged by using a story, and some silly props and gags, that turns “just another animal presentation” into a hilarious show about a Viking on a quest to find dragons.

Thormar the Viking even brings his ship with him – which is where we keep all the animals.

The kids never know what we are going to bring out next, since all the animals are in the ship. Just this element of anticipation keeps the kids excited and engaged.

This summer, book our reptile show and give your guests something they’ve never experienced before.

Even kids who aren’t very interested in animals love Reptile Viking!

Visit our reptile page at to learn more. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at (763)360-5889, or send us an email at [email protected]