JELLYFISH ENTERTAINMENT | Reptile Viking – Live Reptile Show

Thormar the Viking has been on a journey to find real live dragons…

He’s found some and brought them with him in his Viking ship!

Watch, learn, and laugh as he shares with you the amazing, funny, and gross things that his “mini dragons”, also known as reptiles, do to survive!

Bring Minnesota’s most exciting live reptile show to your party!

Your guests will be blown away by our exotic and interesting reptiles and entertained by Thormar the Viking with his hilarious antics and knowledge of weird reptile facts.

Our live animal show is 45 minutes long. During this time Thormar entertains everyone with his hilarious quest to find a real live dragon, and his surprising encounters with dragons’ miniature cousins – reptiles!

He shares with the audience the animals that he has found on his quest. He also shares interesting, silly, and sometimes gross facts about these scaly beasts all while letting your guests interact with and appreciate these amazing animals!

Your guests will be able to ask Thormar questions they have about his reptiles and they will also have opportunities to safely interact with his animals after the show.

You and your guests will get to meet all kinds of amazing reptiles and amphibians such as:

Silly Hognose Snakes
Charismatic Bearded Dragons
“Dragon-tailed” Snapping Turtles
Grumpy Bumpy Cane Toads
And A Big Beautiful Boa Constrictor!

We bring up to 8 animals for your students to meet and interact with during the show, and everyone who wants to will get the opportunity to touch one or more of the reptiles after the show!

Why You’ll Love It!
• We have a decade of family entertainment experience!
• Matt (Thormar) has had a life-long passion for Reptiles and Amphibians and a has a background in Zoology
• We have amazing, healthy animals your guests can interact with
• We are committed to providing a safe environment for your guests and our animals alike
• On time and dependable, we will never cancel on you!
• We come to you! Setup and take-down is quick and easy
• Our professional sound system can reach very large groups and sounds great outside!
• Our business and animals are fully insured.