MINNEAPOLIS INSTITUTE OF ARTS | MIA Goes Virtual in 2020 with their New Exhibit… “FOOT IN THE DOOR”

The “Foot in the Door Show” is a curatorial program of MIA dedicated to exhibiting & supporting artists living & working in MN.

In 1980, the first “Foot in the Door” featured work by 740 artists. It was a fantastic success—a whirlwind of images and ideas coalescing into one gallery. And so was born an arts community event. In 1990, “The Other Foot in the Door Show” grew to include works by nearly 900 artists. By 2000, the exhibition featured the work of over 1,700 artists. In 2010, “Foot in the Door 4” officially became the state’s largest art exhibition, presenting nearly 5,000 works; these included video and multimedia works.

This year the new exhibition is going virtual from Nov 1, 2020 to Jan 10, 2021.