MINNESOTA LANDSCAPE ARBORETUM | Arboretum Scholarships available for Spring & Summer Field Trips

Scholarships available: BOGO (Buy-1-get-1-free), Full Field Trip Scholarship (100% of Fees Waived) and Partial Field Trip Scholarship (50% of Fees Waived). Applies to all available 2020 Spring & Summer Arboretum Field Trips! For schools with 50% and/or 70% or greater free & reduced lunch.

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Scholarships Available
Spring/Summer 2020 Arboretum Field Trips
If your school qualifies, click the link below and follow the easy steps to request a scholarship!

BOGO Field Trip Scholarship
Book two Arboretum school programs in the same order, get one free (100% of fees waived for 1 out of 2 programs). To Qualify: 50% Free & Reduced Lunch Eligibility

Full Field Trip Scholarship
100% of Arboretum school program Student fees waived (Bus fees NOT reimbursed). To Qualify: 70% Free & Reduced Lunch Eligibility

Partial Field Trip Scholarship
Student fees for Arboretum school program reduced by 50% . To Qualify: 50% Free & Reduced Lunch Eligibility