MN Brands For Good

Headquartered in Maple Grove • TC Metro


MN Brands For Good connects you with a fresh and unique collection of quality MN made items Supporters love to buy. Virtual fundraising is also available.

Online ordering available with products that ship directly to Supporters.

Bonus: you’re shopping local and supporting purpose-driven brands. Coordinator friendly; zero tally forms + zero sorting + zero doors. 40% profit + 4 ways to earn through catalog, online orders, pop up events and grab and go displays.

Top 5 reasons MN groups are having success raising $ with MN Brands For Good:
1. Local Impact – Shopping local from 14 MN purpose-driven businesses
2. Higher Participation – Accessible price points starting at $2 make this fundraiser accessible to all
3. Higher Sales/Seller – Variety + free online shipping for orders $75+ incentivizes Supporters
4. Unique & Artisanal – Our 95+ items of the highest quality items backed by local makers
5. Shelf Stable – no refrigeration or pick up windows required, no sorting = coordinator friendly

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MN Brands For Good