• It’s important that you get off on the right foot. Please complete this NEW PARTNER FORM so we can best publish your materials.
• At the bottom of every webpage you’ll find the PARTNER BACK OFFICE. Here you’ll find a stack of links that contain necessary information just for Partners, including you. Use ’em!

Your contacts for the Library are as follows:
Mark Peterson, President
General Admin: 612-518-8353 or [email protected]
Doug Lyon, Partner Development
Partner Development: 312-771-5355 or [email protected]
– Jennifer Zacks, Alerts Editor
ALERTS materials: [email protected]



Most importantly, you need to have a good understanding of how we work.
To reach the 5 group markets we market to, we’ve combined 5 different types of co-op marketing components that all simultaneously work together through a full year to draw dynamic attention to individual Partners’ venues, programs, events and performances. During the year, our promotion increasingly familiarizes buyers and planners with what you offer, and continually heightens the number of opens, clicks, page views, conversations and responses they have with you. The more you participate in Library promotional activities, the more they respond!

Here the Library’s 5 outreach components that make up the year-long Partner Program:
1. Print marketing  (12,500 annual Guides are printed and distributed beginning in June)
2. Conference marketing (Distribution of the Guide during the year at about 20 conferences annually)
3. Website marketing (the password-free Website, homepage posts of Alert announcements, the Download Center, & your Partner webpage)
4. Email and social media marketing (Monthly email ALERTS – ranging from 12 to 60 per year – and subsequent FB/Twitter promotion)
5. Annual Outreach Events (in-person engagement at both the EXPO in August, and at the Summer Resource Fair in January)

First, we need your content for our website. Scroll down, complete the form and then submit it to us. We’ll take it from there.
Next, download & print out the following 2019 Alerts Calendar. Click this link, or (You can find it also in the Library’s Literature Carousel in the Download Center). Then plan out and write your Alert announcements for the next 1-3 months HERE and submit them to us. (The number of announcements you can do per month is shown on your Partner invoice.)   NOTE: You lose them if you don’t use them every month… plus look at Alert announcements by other Partners for the “How”.
Finally, prepare your ad for the GUIDE (due May 4th, 2018) and set the dates for the EXPO and the SUMMER RESOURCE FAIR.

Remember: Periodically check your website content and keep it current during the year! Send us new photos to replace old ones that have been up for a while.

Print out the following NEW PARTNER FORM before you begin filling it out. Then prepare your information, print out the completed form for your records, and then submit it.


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