Orbit Earth Expo • Big Canyon Balloon


  • Orbit Earth Expo: In-School & Livestream Astronomy Experience
  • Big Canyon Balloon: In-School & Livestream Geology Experience
  • Supports MN Education Standards K-8
  • Interactive STEM programs taught all day to small groups by certified teachers

Students get a hands-on, interactive learning experience for K-8 students to explore concepts in space. Huge, inflatable, manipulative teaching models come to your darkened school gym to help students explore the relationship between the earth, sun, and moon and to solve mysteries of planets, stars, eclipses, tides, seasons, winds, and phases of the moon.

With our huge, patented cold air canyon, we fast forward into the future to see how nature’s forces change our 15 ft tall canyon model. Students debate fast versus slow changes to the earth while they experience weathering, erosion and deposition. They participate to create landforms including a barrier island, a sand dune, and a delta. Forces causing erosion are explored as we pause to compare rocks and minerals – what is the difference? What are types of rocks we know and how are those formed? Inside the canyon, students will discover a fossil record and an oil deposit. What are the fossils telling the explorers about the relative age of these layers? How did the oil form? Is it a renewable or non-renewable natural resource? The answers to these questions and much more will be discovered during out unforgettable, interactive earth science programs for each grade level.

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Orbit Earth Expo

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