ORBIT EARTH EXPO | A unique STEM in-school field trip!

SparkPoint Innovations programs have reached more than a half million students since 2008–and we’re ready and excited to share Orbit Earth Expo with your students!

This experience is NOT an assembly, but it is an unforgettable, interactive, standards-aligned science program.

Orbit Earth Expo is an exciting in-school astronomy program. Students journey into space to create and experience the cycles, systems, and relationships between the earth, moon, and sun using Orb, our 14-foot inflatable earth model. A scale-sized moon and other solar system buddies come along for the fun as we teach our unique program.

Students manipulate the models to experience eclipses, seasonal/lunar cycles, creation of winds, day/night cycles, tides, rotation vs revolution, physical characteristics of the earth, moon and sun, gravity, order of the planets, seasons, and more!

Orbit Earth Expo is designed to correlate to Minnesota grade level science objectives. (There’s no better way to prep for fifth grade MCAs or to make complicated concepts visible and accessible!) We stay in a single school for an entire day, teaching grade-level groups from first bell to last. Every student enjoys this fast-paced program involving guessing games and speculating techniques. Teachers have a great time, too! And the shared experience for teachers and students springboards to the classroom and can be referenced all year.

This is the easiest field trip you’ll ever plan! Hurry, dates will fill up fast!
• Students love Orb, our 14-foot model of Earth, scale-sized moon, and other models.
• Parents appreciate the reinforcement of Minnesota science standards.
• Teachers love a field trip with no hassle and minimal loss of classroom time!
• PTAs and PTOs love that the program usually costs less than $3 a student!
Orbit Earth Expo is a unique STEM in-school field trip for K-8 students.

This experience is NOT an assembly, but it is an unforgettable, interactive science program. We travel to your school, stay for the entire school day, and teach each grade level individually in order to teach the science standards for each grade.