Experience The Life Of An Influential Minnesota Family

Mark Hill Dunnell, a former US Congressman, built the Dunnell House in Owatonna, MN in 1868. The building features 11 rooms filled with periodical furniture and a Widow’s Watch. Take a tour to hear the story of an influential Minnesota family.

The Village of Yesteryear was established in 1962, with the original layout mirrored after the center of Downtown Owatonna and its Central Park. The Village has grown throughout the years with moves of historic structures across Southern Minnesota, as well as museums buildings built on site.

The Village features 20 historical buildings like…
The Farm Machinery Building, exhibiting seasonal timeline of tools used in claiming the prairies for farming and early inventions to reduce labor in both fieldwork and household on the farm.
The Bixby Depot, which houses a telegraph station, model trains, and a baggage area with emigrant trunks and baggage carts.
And the Dunnel House, house of the only US Congressman from Owatonna and features period furnishings.

Guided tours of the Village of Yesteryear are available daily May 1st through September 30th. Spend the whole day in Owatonna with our Step Back In Time Package, which highlights the Village of Yesteryear and Steele County Historical Society, State School Orphanage Museum, and the National Farmers Bank. Contact the Owatonna Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism to set up a group tour of Owatonna today!