Pavek Museum

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Pavek Museum guided tours guarantee a nostalgic experience and are the best and most intimate way to learn about the history of electronic communication! Curious how radios work or who invented the TV? Book a tour with the Pavek today!

Have you ever wondered how a radio works? Where we got the name for Morse Code? Why the Transatlantic cable was so important? Or who invented the TV? All of this and more is answered during one of the Pavek Museum engaging and informative guided tours. Whether you are with friends, family, or even co-workers, booking a guided tour is the most intimate and engaging way to discover what the Pavek Museum is all about. Enjoy blasts from the past as you learn about both the global and local histories of electronic communication. Surrounded by vintage radios, televisions, telephones, telegraphs, broadcasting equipment, and local media, we make sure you leave the museum with special insight and just the right amount of nostalgia!

$8 per person
(if there are 7 individuals or less, there is a $60 flat minimum rate)

35 people maximum per tour
(due to staffing and size of space)

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