Partner Program During Covid-19

Please read how we are responding for the benefit of Providers!


THE 2020 PARTNER PROGRAM. . . We’re Still Here!

We know you are scrambling and working very hard right now to keep your ship aright during the COVID-19 crisis. Please take a few minutes to read about what we will be striving to accomplish over the next few months and beyond.

As a Partner in the Library, you have access – via our outreach channels – to about 64,000+ subscribers who plan for their schools, youth and adult groups, bus tours and events. They have not gone away. In fact, many of them have distance learning needs. We’re also seeing an increase in the number of family and general consumers using our resources.

Currently, Alerts are averaging from 1,000 – 2,000 opens… and thousands of page views in our websites.

Obviously, COVID-19 has set us all back. But there are things all of us need to do, and can do now and going forward.

  1. We need to turn our attention to the not-too-distant future. 
    There is no crystal ball. Educators and group leaders need months to plan. Pick a reasonable target date when the planners might begin booking again. Then promote your programs NOW with that in mind. There are now an increasing number of bookings, so show the planners your that you are available.
  2. Keep the mindset of helping others.
    This practice has proven to be important part of successful personal mental health regimens. Because you are doing what you do as a professional, you can still be a benefit, an inspiration and an encouragement to those planners and leaders who are feeling overwhelmed and often discouraged. The Golden Rule still works in these troubled times. Also, reach out via personal email to those educators and planners you have worked with, expressing your encouragement.
  3. Our best laid plans will evolve. Guaranteed.
    Here at the Library, we’re re-focusing our outreach services. We now need to use what we have to serve select distance learning and online needs of students and families (at home), daycare programs (pre-k to 8th grade), retirement communities & smaller tour groups. After COVID-19 the return to “normal” will be gradual and may be slower than what we need or want. We’ll certainly do everything that we can… here’s what we are planning at this time:

    – THE LIBRARY Website –
    The Library website will continue to offer what is available now. In 2019 we saw page views by planners hit almost 200,000. In 2018 there were about 66,000 page views. We’re on track for 2020 to be at about 100,000 website page views. So keep your information on our website current. This includes the new THE LINK LIBRARY.

    – THE 2020 GUIDE
    With more than 100 providers, the 2020 Guide is already being used planning meetings.
    We are digitally distributing the 2020 Guide:  The 2020 Guide already resides on the Library website. We are promoting the 2020 Guide using our Alerts, Social Media, advertising and direct mail to all markets.

    Our entire monthly email marketing program will remain the same – so continue doing your Partner Ads in the Alerts. Readership is continuing to be strong! Go HERE for the Alert Submission Form for your Partner Ad materials.

    – 2020 Virtual EXPO
    Currently, we are producing the EXPO via Zoom presentations during August and September. For info, go HERE.


Contact Mark Peterson at 612-518-8353.


Always remember that we work to provide outstanding professional marketing and support… proactively reaching out to group planners, and now more than ever, select families and general consumers.

Thank you for being a Partner! Together, we’ll get through this!

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