Partner Program During Covid-19

Please read how we are responding for your benefit!



We know you are scrambling and working very hard right now to keep your ship aright during the COVID-19 crisis. Please take a few minutes to read about what we will be striving to accomplish over the next few months and beyond.

As a Partner in the Library, you have access – via our outreach channels – to a sum total of 64,000+ subscribers who plan for their schools, youth and adult groups, bus tours and events. This depends on the group markets you choose to reach. They have not gone away. We still are averaging from 1,000 to 2,000 opens with our Alerts… and thousands of page views in our websites.

Obviously, COVID-19 has set us all back. But there are things all of us need to do, and can do now and going forward.

  1. We need to turn our attention to the not-too-distant future. 
    There is no crystal ball. Educators and group leaders need months to plan. Pick a reasonable target date (July?) when the planners might begin scheduling and booking again according to conversations you have had with them. Then promote NOW going forward with that in mind. Surprisingly, there are still a few bookings being made, so plan to show the planners your continuing availability.
  2. Keep the mindset of helping others.
    This practice has proven to be important part of successful personal mental health regimens. Because you are who you are as a person, and because you are doing what you do as a professional, you can still be a benefit, an inspiration and an encouragement to those planners and leaders who are feeling overwhelmed and often discouraged. The Golden Rule still works in these troubled times. Use what the Library offers to reach out via THE LINK LIBRARY and the Alerts. Also, reach out on a personal level (best by email) to those educators and planners you have worked with, expressing your encouragement (not sales – that can come later).
  3. Our Plans, as of now… (and these could – and probably will – change).
    Here at the Library, we’re re-focusing our outreach services. We now need to use what we have to serve select distance learning and online needs of students and families (at home), daycare  facilities (pre-k to 8th grade), retirement and congregate communities, and specific care facilities. When the COVID-19 crisis lessens – which we all are looking for – the return to “normal” will be gradual and may be slower than what we need or want. Especially if a second coronavirus wave arrives before effective vaccine is available. We’ll certainly do everything that we can… here’s what we are seeing at this time:
    – THE LIBRARY Website –
    All Library website promotional services for Partners will remain in place. In 2019 we saw page views by planners hit almost 200,000. Visits to our Library website continue at these levels – and more! We encourage you to keep your information throughout the website current and up-to-date.

    – THE LetsDoMN Website –
    All LetsDoMN website promotional services for Partners will remain in place. Page views by event planners (especially with the EVENT PLANNING DIRECTORY) remain at 2019 levels. As with the Library website, keep your information throughout the LetsDoMN website current and up-to-date.

    – THE 2020 GUIDE
    We’re still anticipating producing the next annual Guide, but with some changes to distribution methods.
    Due Date for your ad: May 1, 2020
    Prep: We will assemble the new Guide as soon as all the ads from Partners are submitted and in our offices. Go HERE for ad specs.
    Digital distribution: Beginning ASAP, probably in June-July. The 2020 Guide will reside on the Library website. We will promote the 2020 Guide using our Alerts, Social Media, advertising and direct mail.
    Printed 2020 Guide: Though still up in the air, we expect to print & distribute before the school year begins.

    Our entire monthly email marketing program will remain the same – so keep on with your Partner Ads in the Alerts. Go HERE for the Alert Submission Form.

    – 2020 EXPO
    As of today, we have the Canterbury Event Center reserved for Tuesday, August 11th for the 2020 EXPO. As the crisis unfolds, there is the growing possibility that this year’s EXPO could be either postponed or cancelled. Even so, please set the date and we will keep you in the loop.

    There are lots of kids and adults who still can benefit from your programming – by way of video. Starting as soon as possible, we are gathering 6 categories of videos on our Library website in THE LINK LIBRARY for planners, parents, educators, activity directors (and more) to conveniently find and play educational and entertainment content linked from Youtube, Vimeo or websites. If you participate in The Link Library, please keep your lessons, projects, classes, shows, tours and virtual activities as educational and/or entertaining as possible (not advertisements or promotional). See the PARTNER LINK LIBRARY for more information and instructions.


Contact Mark Peterson at 612-518-8353 or Doug Lyon (email only for Doug, please) with your questions.


Always remember that for you as a Partner, the Library works to provide outstanding professional marketing and outreach support… proactively reaching out to group planners.

Thank you for being a Partner! Together, we’ll get through this!

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