SCHUBERT CLUB | Schubert Club Museum: Music Through the Ages for All Ages

Groups of all ages will be engaged in fun, hands-on learning while exploring this fascinating music museum collection, located in downtown St. Paul’s historic Landmark Center Building! Admission and tour guides are always FREE. Plan your trip today!

Explore galleries of historic keyboards, dating back to a 17th-century harpsichord. Experience a step back in time with the exquisite sounds of music boxes and phonographs from the late 1800s. Step further back to celebrate the 1000-year-old music tradition of the Indonesian gamelan percussion orchestra. Experience the private joys, sorrows, and everyday lives of great composers- Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, and many more- through their original autographed letters. Examine a massive “cyclone” sculpture of instruments from all around the world. Enjoy an opportunity to play originals and replicas of keyboards spanning the 17th through 20th centuries. Test your technique in interactive displays of other instrument families and discover the different ways musical sounds can be made. Classroom supplemental materials are available online for before or after your visit. Schedule a tour today for FREE on the website