SCIENCE FROM SCIENTISTS | Real scientists bring hands-on STEM to your classroom

Science from Scientists is an award winning nonprofit specializing in STEM enrichment education. We bring real scientists into classrooms to deliver hands-on STEM lessons to your students. We offer both single-day visits or a year-long, multi-visit partnership.

Our lessons are aligned with the Framework for K-12 Science Education and state academic standards, and are written in the 5E Instructional Model for inquiry-based learning. With over 75+ STEM lessons available in the Minnesota region, schools have a wide variety of options to fit their needs.

With each visit, we send two SfS scientist instructors to present lessons directly to your students. We bring all the lesson materials with us. A full day program can typically fit up to 6 classes per day, with 30 students per classroom.

Our single-day STEM residency program allows you to choose as few or as many visits as you need. Schools often select this option when they want to bring a special exciting STEM day to their students, or when they want support in a particular subject.

With our core in-school module-based program, we partner with schools to teach STEM lessons to the same students every other week throughout the year (18 visits). These regular visits give students the opportunity to build authentic relationships with real scientists. This program has shown measurable impact, from raising test scores to improving students’ attitudes towards future careers in STEM. We are currently partnering with over 20 schools in Minnesota.

Bring the field trip to you!