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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there!” The amazing Teddy Roosevelt engages students with lessons about overcoming obstacles, the importance of hard work, the lessons of honesty, and of not being afraid to pursue your vision for the betterment for all.  Three time national champion Theodore Roosevelt repriser Adam Lindquist travels the nation bringing our 26th President for students, corporations, parks and U.S Government.   Meets State and National education standards.  Consistently ranked a top presenter at history and conservation events.

Your senior program will find Roosevelt enlightens them with knowledge on the 26th President and engages them with stories about “Teddy” that will bring them smiles for weeks.  Roosevelt reminds his senior audience of their influence that continues to inspire us and that leaves an important legacy for our children and our children’s children.

My work as Roosevelt has raised Millions for habitat preservation and conservation initiatives, as well as programs for developing character and leadership.  Contact me to discuss your program and how Teddy can help you!

What they’re saying…

“Our next station was a station about Theodore Roosevelt. It was my favorite station. It was the most interesting station there. We learned a lot about him. The guy who talked about him was dressed up as him. He had cool things laying out on the table. There was his knife, his revolvers, and his horse saddle. It was very interesting. He talked about him having asthma when he was little. He also had a lot more to say.”
~ Max’s 4th grade blog

“Thank you for attending the (Fort Kearny Outdoor) Expo.  You received many positive comments over the three days.  From the kids to our administration, they were very pleased with your presentation and set-up.  In fact, presenters told me the kids were reporting you as their favorite activity. We hope to have you back next year for the 10th anniversary.”
~ Julia – Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

“I wanted to thank you.  I am a retired History and Sociology teacher.      I learned more about Theodore Roosevelt in your entertaining presentation than I ever did in 40 years of teaching”
~ Retired Mankato Minnesota History Teacher – at the Rapidan, MN Chautauqua

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