Study the Body in Soviet Art

Visit North America’s only Russian museum and see 80 Soviet Impressionist-style paintings of the body in “The Body in Soviet Art.” The paintings come from around the country, including the Raymond and Susan Johnson collection, the largest outside of Russia.

The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA) is open daily in Minneapolis, Minnesota and located conveniently off 35W with free lot parking. The museum was established in 2002, and has over 70 exhibits in its history. Visitors enjoy seeing 2-3 shows concurrently in its Main, Mezzanine, Lower, and Fireside galleries, and shop at the Museum Store, regularly voted best in the Twin Cities.

On display this summer are two major exhibitions: The Body in Soviet Art, and Village Wardrobes: Traditional Dress from Western and Central Ukraine. “The Body in Soviet Art” is a popular show, illustrating both the technical skill and training of Soviet artists in the Artist Guilds, and also how artists approach storytelling and narratives through human form.

“Village Wardrobes: Traditional Dress” opened on June 22. Dating from the late 19th to the mid-20th century, the folk dress on display gives a glimpse into Ukraine’s rich regional clothing traditions. The exhibition highlights the remarkable variety of Ukrainian ethnic attire and the outstanding quality and detail of these homemade garments. An important part of the exhibition is a unique selection of costume accessories including period jewelry, belts, shoes, bags, head coverings, and more, displayed together with the outfits. The collection is owned by Susan Johnson, co-founder of The Museum of Russian Art.