Explore a “Surreal Promenade” before it closes June 9th!

Sergei Isupov’s surrealist ceramic sculptures are on display through June 9th at The Museum of Russian Art. This exhibition was the favorite of over 700 visitors in the recent national “Claytopia” conference, and is truly not to be missed!

Russian-born Sergei Isupov received his masters in Estonia and immigrated to the United States in 1994. His works explore the subconscious, combining familiar relationships with a European surrealist style of the 20th century. A master of technique, Isupov is a luminary figure in the national ceramics community and is highly collected and followed by other ceramic artists.

A visit to the museum also includes “The Body in Soviet Art,” on display through September. 80 Impressionist Soviet-era paintings depict the human body and human capacity for aspirations, memory, achievement, values, and loss. The exhibition draws from the largest collection of Soviet-era art outside Russia, the museum’s founders, Raymond and Susan Johnson, and other private collections from around the country. There is also a fabulous, award-winning gift shop where you can enjoy tea, listen to Russian music, and explore every iconic Russian souvenir imaginable.

Open Daily – Free Parking! Located at 35W & Diamond Lake Road in South Minneapolis | 5500 Stevens Ave, Mpls MN 55419 |