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• School programs
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Traveling Naturalist programs include a wide range of wildlife topics from birds of the air to animals of the ocean to land dwellers. Travel and wildland programs will have you stepping back onto World War battlefields or visiting Alaska or New Zealand from your armchair. The hour-long presentations engage, educate and entertain learners of all ages!

A Unique Destination:  Planning Your Trip to New Zealand
Backyard Suspects –chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons
Bald Eagles:  Beyond the Basics – bald eagles, golden eagles
Bear Aware – black bears, brown bears
Birds in Black and White – penguins to puffins
Bison to Baleen- Kodiak Island, bison, gray whales
Bunny Hop – cottontails, jack rabbits, snowshoe hares
Foxy lady –grey fox, red fox, arctic fox
Here Kitty, Kitty – lynx, bobcat, cougar
It’s a Sled Dog’s Life – sled dogs, races, Iditarod
Loony Tunes – common, red-throated, Pacific, Arctic, and yellow-billed loons
Nature’s Carpenters – beavers and muskrats
Loosey Goosey – Aleutian Canada Goose, fox farming, Endangered species recovery
Moose is Loose – deer, caribou, moose
Otterly Wonderful Otters- river otters, sea otters
Polar Bear Possibilities – polar bears, citizen science
Quill Work –porcupines and native crafts
Rare Place, Rare Wildlife:  New Zealand’s South Island – sperm whales, albatross, penguins, kiwis
Whale Singers – humpback whales of Alaska and Hawaii
What’s that Mustelid Smell? – skunks, weasels, sables, mink, marten, fisher, badger
Wiley Coyote
Wise Guys – owls, ravens
Wolves of Land – gray wolves
Wolves of Sea – killer whales
World War II on Alaska Soil: terrain and weather, battles, impact


Travel workshops
Tour the beauty of Alaska or New Zealand from your chair or gain insider-advice on how to efficiently and economically build your our unique trip.
– Plan Your Trip to Unique New Zealand
– Alaska Armchair Travel
– Insider’s Guide to Alaska Travel Planning
– Rare Place, Rare Wildlife:  New Zealand’s South Island – sperm whales, albatross, penguins, kiwis

School Programs/Youth Gatherings
Add more learning fun and variety to classroom activities, after school programs or youth camps with activity-rich programs designed to provide maximum learning fun and continual engagement. In 40 years of creating youth programs I have repeatedly heard adults say they learned and enjoyed the programs as much as the children!
– Do Birds Wear Underwear? (Grades 1-3)
– In Living Color (Grades 2-6)
– Otterly Wonderful Otters- river otters, sea otters (Grades 2-5)
– Reading the Wild – how to count, observe, identify like a wildlife biologist (Grades 4-7)
– Trespassers in Nature- marine debris, invasive species (Grades 4-7)

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