TROUPE AMERICA | Heat Up the Winter with Livin’ La Vida Lutheran

The Looney Lutherans will have your group laughing, singing and having fun in Livin’ La Vida Lutheran. By exercising with Bella, playing the game show POTLUCK and learning tips for “reading body language,” your group will leave with laughter in their heart.

The Looney Lutherans are back with more great music, more looney comedy, and lot’s of audience interaction in Livin’ La Vida Lutheran: Looney Lifestyle Tips for Livelier Living. USING THE PRINCIPLES OF THE “6HHP” (the 6 “Happy Heart” petals), the Loonies share their unique tips for living a livelier life. Segments include the Lutheran “food wheel”, the Menopause Medley, Lutheran Yoga, and Do-it-yourself Beauty Tips. Audience members may also be invited on stage to help demonstrate a Lutheran exercise routine using dishtowels, or to compete for cans of corn in the fast-paced game show POTLUCK.

This trio of warm, witty women has been delighting audiences since 2006. Now it is your turn to join the musical, merry, menopausal members of the Looney Lutherans as they journey toward a JOYFUL HEART. And you don’t have to be Lutheran to love ‘em!

Located at the beautiful Ames Center in Burnsville in their newly renovated black box theater, the show will run from January 14-February 14. With free parking, catering options and a lovely art gallery, your groups will love their time with these fun-loving gals.