Troupe America

From the basement to the barn, your beloved Church Basement Ladies are back and getting busy with life outside the kitchen. After the last hot dish is served, the coffee pot is drained, and the JELL-O molds are put away, these steadfast women head to their homesteads, peel off their good girdles, and get on with their daily chores. In between picking eggs and dusting knickknacks, the Ladies congregate with some of the other characters who inhabit their community.

YOU SMELL BARN celebrates rural life in the 1950’s with plenty of crazy antics, loads of fresh laughs, and spanking new original songs!

Their new home at the Ames Center has catering options, easy access off of 35W and an art gallery to delight your group before the show. For more information contact Dorian at 612-322-5767 or

Contact Information

Troupe America

Ames Center
12600 Nicollet Ave, Burnsville, MN 55337

Contact: Dorian Chalmers
(612) 322-5767