VALLEYFAIR | Fun At-Home Activities for Back to School

Hey students and teachers! We know that going back to school is a little different this year, but we are here to help. Even though we can’t enjoy thrills in the park, that doesn’t mean you can’t get that Valleyfair field trip experience from the comfort of your home or classroom. So sit upright, hold on tight, and enjoy all these Valleyfair themed activities!

We’ve compiled our favorite activities to help keep your students entertained this school year. Check out our list of free virtual content below, and visit for access to all of these thrilling activities!

Take a Virtual Ride
Strap in for a virtual ride on one of your favorite Valleyfair thrills! Check out our YouTube channel to experience all of your favorite rides and slides from the comfort of your couch.

Help NASA Send Snoopy to the Moon!
Engage your students in learning with fun, educational activities inspired by Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang. Explore space with Snoopy and Woodstock, and learn about NASA and Mars with the Peanuts characters.

Creative Writing Prompts
To help kids keep up their penmanship and work on their storytelling skills, we’ve put together a few Valleyfair-inspired writing prompts. For creative fun, have them write about one of the scenarios here!

Valleyfair Word Search & Coloring Sheets
How quickly can you complete our puzzle challenge? Be sure to use this fun brainteaser to keep your students occupied, or show off your creative side with Peanuts-inspired coloring sheets!

Digital Puzzles
You don’t have to worry about losing a piece of these puzzles. The Valleyfair team has put together some awesome digital puzzles that you can complete from your computer or phone!

Sketch School
Calling all artists! Join our good friend Noel in our series, Sketch School from Home. You’ll learn to draw your favorite Peanuts characters with step by step instructions. Grab that notepad and pencil, and let’s start drawing!

Color by Number
Here’s another entertaining way to channel your creativity. (Drumroll please.) Presenting: Valleyfair color by number sheets! Don’t forget to share your work on social media by tagging @ValleyfairMN or #Valleyfair so we can see your creations!