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Learn why & how Saint Paul was a gangster playground at the caves… From Cave Tours, historical speakers, and bus tours, we have it all. The Historic Cave Tour will tell you about Mining & Mushrooms, Gangsters & Ghosts.  We have speakers who portray characters from most periods of history that would love to speak at your assembly.

The caves, which technically are mines because they are manmade, are carved out of sandstone and date back to the 1840s. Throughout history the caves have been used for a number of different activities, including growing mushrooms, storage of food and belongings, music, and dancing.

During Prohibition, the Caves were a speakeasy as well as a mushroom farm. People who knew the secret password could come in for a bit of libation.

On October 26, 1933, Josie & William Lehmann opened the Castle Royal, which was built into the caves. The Castle Royal was closed in 1940 due to the start of World War II and went back to primarily being a place to grow mushrooms. In 1977, the Castle Royale II opened as a venue for dining and disco.

Today the Wabasha Street Caves is an event venue built into these same sandstone caves located on the south side of the Mississippi River in downtown Saint Paul, MN. In more recent years the Caves have begun hosting a “Swing Night” on Thursday nights with live big band music. The Wabasha Street Caves also provide historic tours of the sandstone caves and are home to the famous history bus tours.

Our bus tours include:
• The Saint Paul Gangster Tour
• Uff Dah! Tour
• No Blarney Tour
• Twin Town Tacky Tour
• Mill City Mobs-tour, and more.

We make history FUN!!

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