WILDERNESS INQUIRY | Experience the Outdoors!

Wilderness Inquiry is your cost-effective partner in providing safe, high quality outdoor adventures around the world and close to home.

Looking for new experiences for your camp or youth group? High adventure wilderness trips allow your camp or youth group to experience great places and activities with the professional support of Wilderness Inquiry.

We make it safe, easy, and cost-effective for you to conduct a wide variety of trips and activities. These are all-inclusive youth expeditions, adventure camps, and day trips. Our programs include canoeing, sea kayaking, backpacking, horse packing, dog sledding, or any number of day activities. Choose from sea kayaking in the Apostle Islands, canoe trips in the Boundary Waters, or back packing the Superior Hiking Trail. You can choose from any of our existing destinations, or work with us to design a trip that meets the needs of your youth. Wilderness Inquiry specializes in serving people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities—we encourage youth with disabilities to participate.