XD Ride Mall of America®

MN • TC Metro


Immerse yourself in a new world of action with XD Ride. Fight off villains that range from killer clowns, to goofy cowboy robots! Enter our state of the art theater and be met with specular 3D graphics, crystal clear sound effects, colored lighting, and even wind! Along with all this, you will be strapped into a motion seat to create a simulation of flying, falling, and crashing. The best part? You will receive a laser blaster to fight off all the enemies that come your way and compete against your group for the highest score.

Book an event with us! All events include rental of our entire facility for your group to have the ultimate experience. The space is yours! Team members will provide a one on one experience for you and your group. Play all the adventures in our library as many times as you want and fight over the coveted bragging rights with your group.

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XD Ride

Contact: Elizabeth Demitroff

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 800-838-9188